The celebration of tenure, teamwork, and achievement! We recently celebrated the holiday season and achievements of 2019 at our year-end Field staff banquet. The morning was filled with great food, service awards, and exciting raffle prizes.
We recognized and congratulated team members who are celebrating their 5-year and 10-year anniversaries, as well as the 2019 achievement award winners:
5-Year Award: Jose M, Edin A, Jose R, Carlo M, and Elder D
10-Year Award – Jose R, Juaquin S, Juan V, Saul C, Tomas S, and Alan L
Outstanding Foreman – Jose V
Outstanding Crewman – Angel C, Eldin A, and & Dora H
Safety Award – Jose M & Manuel L
Outstanding Commercial Projects – Omar M, Osiel F, Luis S, & Jose R
Outstanding Environmental Projects – Fernando B and Hely L
Outstanding Residential Projects – Juan V

Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Happy Holidays!