Commercial Landscaping

The AME staff brings years of know-how to commercial landscaping. We help clients in the site planning phase with initial budgeting, value options and cost analysis to provide the best competitive advantage without sacrificing quality. We assign an experienced Project Manager to coordinate all purchasing, equipment, and labor needs for each project.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services:

  • Landscape installation
  • Pavers & stone details
  • Walls, patios, and wood structures
  • Drainage systems & erosion control measures
  • Seed & Sod
  • Site furnishings and specialty items
  • Synthetic turf panels, dog parks, and ball courts
  • Irrigation
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Snow removal
“Ashton is at the top of the list when it comes to commercial landscaping, and not because Ashton Manor begins with an “A”.”

Stan Aldridge, Pleasants Development