“The guys that did the work on our trees did an excellent job and I really appreciate the efforts. They were very professional and let me know what they were doing and how it helped the trees.”
Private Residence, Brookeville, Maryland

“The Cypress Glen Home Owner’s Association Board members and our community are so please with the work Ben and his crew have done in the forest restoration project for our forest conservation land. The variety of plants and trees that you selected to replace non-native plants species will produce beauty year round and benefit wildlife and birds. We also appreciate your desire to work with community home owners to make sure we were aware and pleased with all the work that you were doing for these areas.”
Patricia Leong, Cypress Glen Home Owner’s Association

“Upon our return we were greatly surprised to see everything complete. Beautiful new patio, shrubs, plantings, mulch, etc., were in place and appeared as if they had always been there. Your crews left no sign that they had even been to our home and we continue to receive compliments from friends and neighbors.”
Michael Sullivan, CBRE

“Your team was marvelous, and everyone was very professional, hardworking and focused on doing a great job. It all started with Rob’s outstanding design, and the rest of the team implemented it to perfection. Buddy and Juan stayed on top of all the issues and were very customer oriented, and Steve stopped by every couple of days to make sure things were going well and that we were happy.”
Dennis Smith, Glenwood, Maryland

“Jeff and his staff have the skill and experience to take your dreams and turn them into reality. Their prompt and courteous staff will make suggestions that will make your landscaping project the envy of the neighborhood. This is a landscaper you will want to keep for life.”
Roland Berg, Elkridge, Maryland

“As always, Ashton Manor’s crews provide professionalism and great results!”
Pat Gnarra, Olney, Maryland

“Thanks for finding the solution to our problem and getting it done. We greatly appreciate your willingness to go that extra mile to make the project work out. You guys rock!”
Rob Gibbs – Natural Resources Manager, M-NCPPC – Montgomery Parks

“You employ some classy folks. Your truck with a spreader number E 13 stopped and the driver got out to look at the spreader. He noticed an elderly woman who was in her driveway with a broom about to sweep snow off of her car. He walked over and spoke with her, and then took the broom and cleaned off her entire car. Good people care about others, and he is an example of a caring person.”
Fred Capella

“Refugio and the other guys that were here did a wonderful job removing our dead pine. The team did a great job representing Ashton Manor Environmental. They were friendly and worked in a professional, safe, and efficient manner taking down the dead pine, grinding the stump, and cleaning up the debris afterwards. Thank you.”
Theresa and Mike Doherty

“Jill and I really appreciate the hard work and dedication demonstrated by your team members. The equipment demonstrations and discussions about tree climbing led by Al and Rob fascinated the students.”
Kristi Cameron, Sherwood High School