Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with AME. They know the turf around here exceptionally well, they get the job done, they get it done right!”

Paul Mauser Engineering Manager, Town Engineer of Ocean City

“We’ve completed many wetland restoration projects with AME, each with their own unique challenges. AME addressed every challenge with the right solutions and delivered a successful product every time. From crews that are extremely professional, to furnishing the best plant material in the region, to providing impeccable service, it’s no surprise they come highly recommended. They are clearly dedicated to their clients and to the environment.”

Max Breslin Project Manager Greenvest

"Your team has consistently performed work on time and on budget – even when we throw many challenges your way. Another benefit of working with AME is that no matter what elements we add to our commercial jobs, you always deliver and we know our end clients will be satisfied. Thank you for being a great partner."

Robert Project Manager, Commercial Installation

“I needed emergency tree work and I couldn’t have called a better company. The AME team was professional, incredibly knowledgeable and helped me solve the problem. Their solution saved me money and saved many trees.”

Private Residence Brookville Maryland

“We are so pleased with the forest restoration project for our forest conservation land. The variety of plants and trees that AME selected to replace non-native plants species will produce beauty year-round and benefit wildlife and birds. We were so appreciative of the professionalism of the AME team.”

Patricia Cypress Glen Home Owner’s Association

“Your team was marvelous, and everyone was very professional, hardworking and focused on doing a great job. It all started with an outstanding design, and the rest of the team implemented it to perfection. Your crews stayed on top of all the issues and were very customer oriented. Thank you for providing such an beautiful outdoor space.”

Dennis Glenwood, Maryland

“You employ some classy folks. I witnessed one of your drivers at the wheel of a huge plow stop his truck when he saw an elderly woman on the side of the road trying to sweep off her car. Your driver to out of his immense plow, walked over and spoke with her, and then took the broom and cleaned off her entire car. Good people care about others, you should be proud of this member of your team.”

Fred Commercial Snow Removal Client

“I needed help with the removal of an exceptionally large tree. Your guys were wonderful. They were friendly and worked in a professional, safe, and efficient manner taking down the dead pine, grinding the stump, and cleaning up the debris afterwards. Thank you.”

Theresa and Mike Maryland Home

The AME Way


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