As yet another example of AME’s commitment to OUR PEOPLE, we have made an exciting new hire. We recently welcomed Alba Ketchum to the AME Team, where she will be our new HR Administrator! Alba brings extensive experience in all aspects of Human Resources and is also a native Spanish speaker! She received her Psychology degree from Tomas University in Bogotá, Colombia, were she was born and raised. Being a native Spanish speaker, Alba is able to seamlessly interact with our Latino workforce, assisting them in all aspects of being part of the AME Team. Alba is an animal lover and is happy to be able to enjoy AME’s pet friendly office environment where our Employees can bring their Dog to work! She has two Shelties, Martini (8 years old, to the left) and Tequila (10 months old, to the right). As part of Her Colombian heritage, Alba loves to dance Colombian folklore music as well as Caribbean rhythms such as Salsa. She also is very artistic. She enjoys working on arts & crafts projects. In her free time she likes to travel, visit new places, go on road trips and to concerts. We are all looking forward to the many great attributes that Alba brings to this position, and her presence has already made a positive impact on improving our Employees AME experience.

Welcome to the Team, Alba!