We celebrated the holiday season and our 2021 achievements with an evening filled with great food, cocktails, and entertainment! Thank you to the entire team for another great year!

We are thankful for our team and the excellence that they bring. We recently celebrated our team’s tenure, teamwork, and achievements!

Congratulations to our team members that went above and beyond in 2021 and those celebrating their 5, 10, and 15-year anniversaries! We look forward to even more success in 2022!

Congratulations to:

5 Years of Service: Mark K., Arida A., Brenda Aldana., Omar M., Brenda Arroyo., Ángel C., Vicente C. & Mynor G.

10 Years of Service: Cesar L.

15 Years of Service: Fernando B.

Outstanding Foreman: Jose V. & Jose R.

Outstanding Commercial Project: Luis S.

Outstanding Environmental Project: Josue R.

Outstanding Residential Project: Omar M.

Outstanding Crewman: Saul C., Carlos M., & Aaron A.

Safety Award: Juan M., & Jose P.

Most Improved: Jose M.. & Jose N.

Rookie of the Year: Fernando S.