The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB as its commonly referred to) continues to take its toll on huge numbers of Ash Trees across the state.  The Borer disrupts the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients which causes the trees’ demise.

AME recently removed 4 large ash trees at their facility in Ashton, Maryland.  The work was expedited inside of 1 day using a large crane to lay down large sections of the trees safely for haul-off, and also to limit disruption to the office and neighbors.

Ashton Manor holds a Md. Tree Expert License and has multiple Certified Arborists on staff.  We are working with numerous municipalities and utility service companies to remove these infected trees, and replanting the areas with alternate species to preserve the forests and canopies.  We encourage local communities, businesses, and Homeowners to closely monitor the Ash Trees on your property, as they will decline rapidly and become very brittle.   Some of the tell-tale signs are crown dieback, bark splitting, D-shaped emergence (exit hole), deadwood falling from the tree, and woodpecker feeding (they eat the borer that is under the bark).  Please visit the sites listed below for more information, and contact us for a free consultation or estimate.