Ashton Manor Environmental (AME) completed an outdoor amenities re-build and renovation of Dominion Plaza Apartments in Arlington, VA. This project showcased AME’s wide range of services including large-scale hardscaping, full-service landscaping, and micro-bio pond planting. The Dominion Plaza project began with construction of the pool room vault, located below the pool deck, where all filters and pump equipment are housed. The walls were shored with new steel and the ceiling was replaced with new concrete poured over steel pans and reinforced with rebar, a technique very similar to conventional bridge construction. Once the vault construction phase was complete, AME began a full courtyard, dog park, and pool deck renovation consisting of landscaping, lighting, hardscape, fencing, and site furnishings. Having a stunning usable outdoor space for its residents and their pets was an important goal of Dominion Plaza Apartments. The courtyard and dog park project at Dominion Plaza Apartments included:
  • Complete landscaping of the entire outdoor area which includes plant installation, micro-bio pond planting, entrance beautification and parking lot island rehabilitation.
  • Adding an irrigation system to ensure the landscaping remains vibrant and beautiful.
  • Installation of walkway arbor structures with string lights.
  • Multiple sitting areas including one area with a tv wall, fire pit, masonry bar counter, and string lights.
  • A 3 outdoor, built-in gas grill station which has ample seating to enjoy your meal.
  • Hardscape paver installation in various locations around the courtyard.
  • New concrete pool deck.
  • Construction of an on-site dog park.
  • Installation of a pool fence, glass pool fence, and dog park fence.
  • Site furnishings for the entire outdoor space.
AME is a full-service commercial and environmental landscaping contractor. We have the experience, equipment, and experts to do it all from start to finish. From the very beginning, we set out to be different from other companies. We think differently. We act differently. We make decisions differently. We call these fundamentals “The AME Way” which are the foundation of our unique culture. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on Ashton Manor Environmental projects.